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Toyota Supra MA70 E85

Lasse JE Performance

Weight : 1250 Kg

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Toyota Supra MA70 E85

Power 1002.64 Hp @ 7452
Torque 1048.94 Nm @ 5984
Max RPM 7803
ZDyno Score 33.67
Inertia Weight 1250 Kg
Ambient temperature 23.8
Horsepower correction factor 1.032
Acceleration Time 13.9
Dyno software YourDyno0.0P
Date 06-10-2023
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Weight 1550 Kg
Power to weight 0.65 hp/kg
Displacement 2997 ccm
Efficiency 0.33 hp/ccm
Valves 24
Rev Limiter 8500
Forced Induction Yes
JE Pistons 8.5:1
Wiseco BoostLine Connecting Rods
HKS 272 Lift 9.3 2202-RT086 2202-RT085
BC BC0300HD with titanium retainer

Twin scroll turbo manifold
Pulsar PSR 7375G G42 1200
GEN2 PW46 46mm Wastegate

Bosch 84mm ETB
Greddy Surge Tank 2JZ Pro Kit Intake
Deatschwerks 1200ccm DW-16MX-14-1200-6
3 stage nitrous system
New shorter IC piping with TiAL Q BOV 50 mm

3x ZIO Canbus controllers
Maxxecu Pro