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TTE700 E77

Rasmus Kolstrup Tuning DK ApS

Weight : 870 Kg

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TTE700 E77

Power 702.49 Hp @ 8725
Torque 774.97 Nm @ 7933
Max RPM 9226
ZDyno Score 51.07
Inertia Weight 870 Kg
Ambient temperature 22.84
Horsepower correction factor 0.996
Acceleration Time 17.88
Dyno software SportDyno0.0P
Date 24-04-2021
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Weight 1515 Kg
Power to weight 0.46 hp/kg
Displacement 2498 ccm
Efficiency 0.28 hp/ccm
Valves 20
Rev Limiter 7900
Forced Induction Yes
E77 fuel
Unitronics Stage 3 ECU and TCU software
Unitronics 4" Turbo inlet
Evolve Eventuri Stage3 4" intake
Wagner Competition EVO3 intercooler
Wagner downpipe with catalytic converter
980cc injectors
Milltek exhaust
APR Throttle inlet
Syvecs Haldex Controller
APR DSG Catch can
APR Dogbone insert
APR Coil packs
APR Spherical Pendulum Mount