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Audi A3 Garrett 3076R kdFi V1.4 ECU

Morten S Kolstrup Tuning DK ApS

Weight : 870 Kg

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Audi A3 Garrett 3076R kdFi V1.4 ECU

Power 412.12 Hp @ 6951
Torque 452.41 Nm @ 5743
Max RPM 7329
ZDyno Score 39.56
Inertia Weight 870 Kg
Ambient temperature 19.53
Horsepower correction factor 1.016
Acceleration Time 16.84
Dyno software SportDyno0.0P
Date 06-04-2021
Views 41299

Weight 1220 Kg
Power to weight 0.34 hp/kg
Displacement 1800 ccm
Efficiency 0.23 hp/ccm
Valves 16
Rev Limiter 7500
Forced Induction Yes
Garrett 3076R turbo
kdFi V1.4 PNP ECU
660cc Injectors