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Efficiency Engineering

Total dynos in system : 1

Efficiency Engineering

Kollanda 360, Älvängen, Sverige

Efficiency Engineering public Live dynos graph

Dyno Name Manufacture Model Year Is Modified Hp Nm Create Upload Dyno Shop System Quick view

TOYOTA;;;; Supra mk4 TT;;;; 1994;;;;

1006 1041 26-12-2023 26-12-2023 Efficiency Engineering SportDyno TOYOTA;;;; Supra mk4 TT;;;; 1994;;;; image

Efficiency Engineering Dyno system(s)

Make Frenelsa
Model F16-GR-CM
Type Hub
Powertype Wheel Power
# of wheels 2


Max power

Max braking

Max Speed


2999 Hp

8500 Nm

400 Kmt

Software SportDyno